Arcade Emporium: The User Guide

3 min readFeb 25


A step-by-step explanation of our latest addition to the $NAKA Ecosystem

Many of you have heard via social media and platform announcements of a brand new yield-generating service coming to Nakamoto Games. Arcade Emporium is the latest way to invest and make passive income within our ecosystem. But how does it work?

Arcade Emporium allows users to purchase NFTs, set up their virtual arcade, and earn a commission every time a community member plays a game in your arcade. This guide will walk you through the entire process. Here are all the steps to build your Arcade Empire!

  1. The first Arcade Emporium NFT, Goal Rush, will launch on Thursday, 2nd of March 2023, at 10:00AM UTC. It will be the first game available to add to your arcade and can be bought by anyone with a Nakamoto Games account. Only ONE NFT will be for sale on a first come first serve basis.
  2. Arcade Emporium NFTs can be purchased on the NAKA Marketplace or NFT trading platform OpenSea.
  3. Once purchased, the buyer is now the owner of the game and starts earning. It will appear in the owner’s menu in the ‘’My Games’’ Category. Note: There’s only ONE NFT per Game. Sales are happening on a first come first serve basis.
  4. If acquired on the NAKA Marketplace, your arcade is automatically established.
  5. If purchased on OpenSea, the approximate wait time is 30 minutes before your arcade is up and running on the NAKA website. Also, If you buy on OpenSea, it should be done from the same wallet connected to the Nakamoto Games platform.
  6. Once your arcade is established, you can edit your Arcade Emporium Webpage. However, changes will require team approval for security reasons. The page will also include editable links to the owner’s social media.
  7. You, as the owner, now have a Webpage to promote your new gaming empire actively. You can post links, make Tweets and generate content about your available games. The more users you attract the more revenue you’ll make.
  8. Each time somebody plays a game in your arcade, you earn 3% of the total prize pool as a commission. You’ll earn as long as you own the game as a NFT. You can make your game popular, hype it up and then sell your game for a higher value which aligns with the revenue it already has established. This can become a serious business for each Game owner.
  9. Earnings are transferred after every game to your NAKA Wallet. Earnings can be withdrawn to a connected external wallet (meta mask) anytime from your NAKA Wallet.
  10. All NFT owners have the right to sell any of their games whenever they wish. You can do this in two ways: Privately (to a friend or a private deal — OTC) or Publicly (NAKA Marketplace or OpenSea).
  11. Two weeks after the launch date, version 1.2 of Arcade Emporium will become available. This will benefit owners through stats and reports on plays and total earnings, tracking the arcades’ profits and progress.
  12. The Arcade Emporium positively impacts the entire community. The more arcades, the more promotion will take place for the Nakamoto Games platform. This means more prize pools, bigger tournament and campaign rewards, and an increased value of $NAKA.

Arcade Emporium is an inventive solution that aims to put the profits in the hands of the community. By incorporating blockchain technology, we are once again diversifying ways to make a profit within our ecosystem. Arcade Emporium empowers users to shape the future of gaming, showcasing their creativity and business acumen by crafting one-of-a-kind virtual gaming environments.




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