Introducing the World’s First Play-To-Earn Ecosystem

3 min readAug 27, 2021

Nakamoto Games is positioning itself to be the leading play-to-earn platform with a sublime suite of blockchain-based games

The play-to-earn gaming ecosystem is on the precipice of a major shift. Blockchain-based games have been around since the inception of decentralized computing chains like Ethereum. But only recently have developers realized the vast earning potential that these games can offer when the right incentives and infrastructure are in place.

Nakamoto Games is the first play-to-earn gaming ecosystem that offers anyone with an internet connection the opportunity to tap into lucrative cryptocurrency rewards. Blockchain-based games that have integrated earning opportunities for their players have observed tremendous growth in recent months with platforms like Axie Infinity undergoing exponential increases in their users and activity.

Naturally, the world is starting to pay attention. Over the past month, there was a major jump in Google search volume related to play-to-earn games. Search volumes for the term “play to earn crypto games” jumped from under ten thousand monthly to over forty thousand. We anticipate that the interest will continue to grow as more and more people discover the earning opportunities of play-to-earn games.


However, Axie Infinity is just one game and it’s potential reach is limited. Even the most popular mobile applications will not come close to the visits in the Google Play Store and App Store. For instance, data suggests that the Google Play Store could have over 5 billion users, a number that monstrously outsizes any applications that are available in the store.

Similarly, Nakamoto Games is positioning itself to be the gateway that facilitates access to the wider play-to-earn world. Nakamoto Games will be a play-to-earn ecosystem that offers our own sublime suite of games while also providing the opportunity for developers to deploy their own play-to-earn games.

The Nakamoto Games team consists of several high-end developers with decades of collective experience in both blockchain and gaming development. We have several extremely exciting play-to-earn games in line to be released.

Duck Hunters will be our first play-to-earn game launch and will provide Nakamoto Games users with the ability to compete for lucrative rewards in a dynamic shooting game. Users load up on ammunition through the purchase of our native NAKA tokens and any tokens used in the game will be contributed to a weekly prize pool. The most skilled players from each week will be distributed rewards from the prize pool.

Developers will also have the ability to build and launch their own play-to-earn games in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. Nakamoto Games will provide a software development kit to help developers with this process. Developers who release popular games will be able to tap into lucrative earning potential as they will be able to monetize their games as they see fit.

Nakamoto Games will offer anyone with an internet connection the opportunity to leverage their skills to earn cryptocurrencies. The Nakamoto Games ecosystem is being diligently designed so that it is extremely intuitive for prospective users.

Play-to-earn games have already proven to be particularly popular in Southeast Asia and this phenomenon is beginning to spread worldwide. Nakamoto Games is positioning itself to be the leading ecosystem for anyone who wishes to participate in the play-to-earn movement.




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