Nakamoto Games Eyes Latest Demo Release and Platform Upgrades

Tank Battle and NAKAVERSE enhancement featured in this week’s development sprint

Nakamoto Games is consistently expanding its number of gaming options and implementing platform-wide improvements to enhance the player experience. This week has exciting developments for users, including the first demo release of the action game Tank Battle and critical additions to the NAKAVERSE.

In line with previously announced timelines, Nakamoto Games developers are on track for a full release of Tank Battle in mid-July. The action game introduces a revamped economic design with massive income opportunities for players. The team is on track to complete the internal testing phase and roll out the game to a batch of early users this week. We will also gather relevant feedback to optimize the gameplay experience before a full release.

The development of the NAKAVERSE, an essential ecosystem addition, is progressing rapidly. Energy and farmhouses serve as a stamina source for players in the NAKAVERSE, making it a core element of the overall design. The team will implement a 3D rendering of energy and farmhouses this week. Our developers will also improve the onboarding process by restructuring code for the login by wallet feature in the NAKAVERSE.

Nakamoto Games will further channel developer resources towards improving our free-to-play gaming titles. This week, our developers will design both frontend and backend features for the flow of player stamina within these games. We will also refactor survival system rewards and API data, ensuring that players can continue gameplay from the previous rounds without losing accumulated rewards.

We are also stepping up efforts to keep players in the loop regarding upcoming events, ecosystem improvements, and new gaming releases. Our team will implement a backend email management template and frontend feature for delivering news to players. The complete rollout of this feature will unlock informed gameplay and boost user engagement across our suite of games.

Last but not least, our core game development team will conduct research for API integration with the award-winning immersive gaming framework, Unreal Engine. The team will also implement new WebGL games with an eye on launching new titles that could potentially appeal to our community.

Nakamoto Games Sprint Objectives

Week Number #26


- Implement a multi-language module.

- Implement email template management in the admin panel.

- Implement subscriptions for news — promotions, events, emails.

- Create the flow of the user’s stamina for free-to-play games.

- Refactor frontend marketplace v2 contract.

- Refactor login by wallet in NAKAVERSE.

- Refactor installment system.


- Create the flow of the user’s stamina for free-to-play games.

- Refactor survival system rewards and API data.

- Refactor subscription for news, promotions, events, emails.

- Implement API to mint NFT buildings in NAKAVERSE.

- Create unit tests for all methods.

Quality Assurance:

- Update automated testing.

- Update manual testing.

Smart Contract:

- Implement multi-chain infrastructure.

- Implement contract NFT buildings.

Game Design:

- Render energy farms and houses.

Game Dev:

- Release Tank Battle game demo.

- Research for login API on Unreal engines.

- Implement new WebGL games.



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