Nakamoto Games Introduces Manual Conversion for ERC-20 $NAKA Token Holders

New method provides easy conversion to Polygon-native $NAKA tokens

Nakamoto Games is introducing a manual conversion tool for users who still hold Ethereum-native (ERC-20) $NAKA tokens. The new method follows the completion of last week’s Polygon $NAKA token swap in partnership with Kucoin, and is a part of a broader move to migrate the Nakamoto Games core infrastructure to the Polygon network.

The approach is simple. Users who currently hold ERC-20 $NAKA tokens should transfer their assets to the Ethereum address linked here. After the transfer is completed, the sender will receive the equivalent amount of Polygon-native $NAKA tokens to their address within 48 hours.

Receiving Address:


Nakamoto Games plans to provide this manual conversion service for a relatively long period, but strongly advises token holders to complete the Polygon token swap as soon as possible. Only Polygon-native $NAKA token holders can fully participate in the Nakamoto Games ecosystem. The move to Polygon is crucial to support the rapid growth of Nakamoto Games and the team appreciates the community’s support as we enter the next stage of massive growth!

Important Notice: Users are kindly reminded to transfer ERC-20 $NAKA tokens from self-custodial Ethereum wallets like MyEtherWallet, Metamask, etc. Transfers from a cryptocurrency exchange account are not allowed.




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The ultimate #Play to #Earn #Gaming Platform. Join the Revolution!

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