(scootchin’ art by Russ Cooper)

A Skunky Poem by Russ Cooper

(stinky art by Russ Cooper)

this is a story about a sneaky little fox i mean skunk

who was being chased by three i mean four farmers

named oh pepperwood shakespeare garfunkle and other garfunkle

and they had a shovel and a shotgun and i forget what the other two had

maybe a weedwacker and a lightsaber

and so they hid right outside the skunk’s lair

and he peeked out

and then peeked out some more

and then peeked out a tiny little itty bit more…

…and the however-many farmers jumped out

waving their weedwackers and lightsabers

and got…

(as-of-yet uninvented flying car by Russ Cooper

(happy anniversary, me! by Russ Cooper)

A (bleep)in’ (bleep) Of A (bleep)itty Poem by Russ Cooper

(art (bleep)ed by Russ Cooper)

i was minding my own (bleep)ing business

(bleep)ing myself and all-’round (bleep)ing around

when this ratty (bleep)ing (bleep)er comes about

and starts (bleep)ing at me like some kind of (bleep)-clown!

i says “hey! what the (bleep), dude?”

and he says “what’s it the (bleep) to you?”

and i says “i’m just (bleep)ing sittin’ here”

and he says “well then go (bleep) yerself, and yer girlfriend, too”

“what the (bleep) you say ‘bout my (bleep)in’ gf, ya (bleep)suckin’-(bleep)?!”

and he says “i don’t stutter, (bleep)head, ya fraud”

and i go, “well…

Russ Cooper

Writer, dreamer, cat collector

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