True story on how me and my BFF met

In 1998, I went to Percy L Julian High School with my great grandmother to register me in the school. I seen a young man dressing in suits heading to the office and he looks like a preacher, I said to myself who is that? He is dressing mighty sharp in high school. So when I attended high school I seen a nice looking man sitting at the table all by himself reading a newspaper and I said to myself, Why is he sitting by himself? Why isn’t anyone sitting by him? I went to the table and sat down and he seen me, I introduce myself and he also introduce himself as well. All I can remember is him and me attending breakfast, he walk me to my locker, he talks to me, he walks me to my classes, he carry my books, we share a locker one time, attend gym class together, I visit him in his music classes and some other classes that he had. Robert told him that I liked him cause I kept hitting him on the arm, pull his tie, rub his head, mess with his neck, but Jamal didn’t feel that I liked him though, he says we just buddies, and that is how she be playing with me. Jamal always been there for me, he waited on me to get out of class alot until someone at the school told him that he can not stand there and wait on me anymore, I miss him doing that. When I was in mess up relationships in high school Jamal always told me the dudes that I was with was not for me and how I should wait on God. I didn’t want to hear that, I got mad at him for even being concern about me, I snap on him, called him names and etc but Jamal was still my best friend no matter what, he has not given up on me. Mario and Jamal was singing in the hallway I tell you, my best friend can sing, whoa! but I waited til everyone left the hallway so I can kiss him and I kiss him on the lips, I ran off (laughing out loud) and chase me down the hall I went down the stairs he had three people to find me and they could not find me, so I decided to miss school for two days cause I knew Jay was going to ask me why I kiss him on the lips. So the day return to school he ask me to kiss him again and I told him no. Jay took me home from school, met my great grandmother and my two brothers. He seen me dated thugs and did not like not a single one of those dudes. I remember when I written in Jay book saying I love Jamal with three hearts in it, he open it up and said for real do you really love me? And I said no I was just seeing what your reaction is, but deep down inside I really did love him, just was afraid to tell him. I met my best friend girlfriend in 2001 name Unique Victors, shook her hand and told her nice to meet you but when I got in my best friend car I told Jay that I didn’t like her it was something that is not right about her but at the same time I left it alone and move on after that. In 2002 me and my best friend got into it over some confusion and lies, my ex boy friend Jack Smith told Jamal lies about me, I felt my best friend had his side so I snap and called my friendship off, Unique told me over the phone to stop calling her man which is my best friend (Jamal Harvey Sr) In 2003 I did not know that my best friend was looking for me but he forgot about what house I live at on 93rd & Laflin St in Chicago Illinois. 2008 Jack Smith email me a apology letter, after that I seen photos of my best friend Jamal and his son and I was so shock to find out that my best friend got married to Unique and had kids with her, it brought tears from my eyes and it tooken me a long time to even get over it. In 2009 I ran into my best friend at the grocery store in Indiana, he was shock to see me and I was as well, I hug him and he given me his number, In 2011 I ran into him again on the Hammond Transit Bus and I said Jamal?! he said back Nakia?! we both were shock to see each other we talk til I gotten to my stop and he given me his new number, then in 2012 we ran into each other again at the Job Training Program in Indiana, he explain to me that he is getting a divorce and I encourage him that God is against divorce and his reply was you don’t know what she done to me and I was like wow. I announce my engagement on Facebook in 2013 my best friend did not see it so I called him and told him over the phone, his reply was are you sure that you two want to be married? I said back yes, he kept asking me four times are you sure this is what you want? with confidence I said yes and Jay sounded so disappointed. I text him asking him why do you sound so disappointed and he did not respond. 2014 I invited him to my wedding he did not show up and I was sad, so I ask him over the phone why did you not come to my wedding? He said that his grandma had him doing things for her so I said okay. We talk on March 22, 2014 my wedding day for about a hour. 2015 me and my best friend talk over the phone about good old times in high school then all of a sudden he confess to me that he loved me since high school but that was then this is now. I was shock and could not sleep at night. My best friend is getting a divorce been separated for about three years, so I told my best friend in the car that I want to work things out with my daughter father and on his face was disappointment, in his voice was disappointment. To be honest about it me and my best friend have strong history together and have alot in common which is very scary. If God wants me and my best friend to grow even stronger then he will allow it to happen. Me and him been through so much together that we gotten closer in our friendship. At this time, I am waiting on God confirmation on either he wants me to reconcile with my daughter father or God has someone else for me that he can trust with my heart. Everyone has told me that me and Jamal has strong history and that me and him should be Mr and Mrs Harvey in the future, wow. Other then that I can explain a ton of stuff on this blog but I want to end it here. This a true story on how me and my best friend Jamal met back then and if it wasn’t for God I would not have Jay as my BFF. Love him very much and will always love my best friend.

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