This is a banana.

Jun 11 · 2 min read

Just a banana.

And a lot of species consume it.

Now you’d think why me, a product designer is so obsessed and actually writing an article about it.

Today we (designers) have become obsessed with fancy interfaces, typefaces, animations, and a lot of other things in the name of delight to push through our user’s throat.

By doing that we many times forget a very basic principle of product design: Usability. Usability is not just checking the button clickability dimensions, colour contrast ratio, etc. Rather usability is also the compound of an overall product and how it enhances a certain task a user is trying to achieve.

But again, why am I talking about a banana.

Here it goes, Banana is the perfectly designed fruit to consume.

Said perfectly by Biswa Kalyan Rath:

Also, it solves a very important and basic problem very efficiently: HUNGER

That makes banana a perfectly designed fruit to consume.

Which leads to the definition of a good product: Easy to use, efficient in solving a problem, and affordable.

Plus you and I can connect because at some point we’ve all have eaten a banana and don’t have any bad memories about it.

That’s a well-designed product.

Perfect example: Whatsapp.

Oh, You are still here.

Think about all the things we could do with keeping our product simple and functional.

If you’re a product designer, I challenge you to think about a banana before you start your design process and simplify the intent; instead of thinking of complex principles and how this makes a good dribbble shot or creating a perfectly named sketch file. The beauty of digital space is that a product can always evolve.

Amidst the complexity around modern product design, this simple analogy does it for me

Banana = Product and Monkey = User

In the end, we are all monkeys eating different kind of bananas.

Cheers, R


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