Dear Fadnavis Saheb & Uddhav Saheb, the JJ Hospital is in shambles

I voted for you as I have full faith and trust in your ability to improve the lives of the citizens of this great state.

The infrastructure at JJ Hospital is in shambles, the place is overcrowded, there is a shortage of stretchers, wheelchairs and patient assistance.

You have to visit the place and see it for yourself. Make a surprise visit.

The patients and their families have to fend for themselves. Money talks and only money talks.

You have got a big mandate from the people. Please do not disappoint them.

People should remember you for what good you did to improve the lives of the people and not for internecine fights.

I have witnessed this challenge in JJ as a I have seen a young girl running around to arrange a doctor , a bed, a ward boy, a stretcher and medicines for her ailing mother. It is heart wrenching and a very sad commentary on our polity and health department.

The previous governments did not do anything. Do not follow their footsteps or you will be assigned to the footnotes of history.

Health infrastructure is more important than building coastal roads. If a majority of the population do not have health care benefits what is the use of new roads. I do not remember new public hospitals being built in the last few decades, but yes I do see a mushrooming of new private hospitals.

You have a vision and it is much appreciated. Your generals have to execute and implement it. People are attuned to corruption being there but it is also important that if someone does take a bribe, at least that person should ensure the job is done.

Mumbai is a megalopolis and if you do not improve the health facilities very soon, people will lose faith in you. Yes, they may still vote for you in the next election because they do not see a viable alternative.

Does that mean you have to be happy with the mandate given as it is a vote that will be given by a exhausted population who will not believe you anymore.

I urge you both to visit the place as a “mystery shopping” exercise and you will be appalled at the conditions.

Hope you will do the needful.

Best regards