Things could have been worse.

Absolutely gutted.

My flight to Delhi was cancelled. Long story short, I've now bought a ticket to Delhi for tomorrow (Oct. 2nd) which confirms passage till Delhi and onwards to Frankfurt. And here I sit writing my blog and Googling “worst experiences while travelling” trying to feel better about myself and writhing in self-pity when instead I should have been adorning my travel log with tales about pale Germans. But then it happened to strike me..

Things could have been worse. I might not have been afforded the chance to travel abroad and make this trip at this age at all if not for my father. Not only because he worked for the airlines but also because of his insatiable need to discover. It’s something I feel like my genes veer towards, despite their predisposition to be, well, not generate the appropriate DNA sequences for me to not want to discover.

I could have lost my passport, my baggage, and my sources of identification among other such dramatic examples.

So now I wait. Wait for another excruciating 12 hours till I arrive in Delhi and start putting these thoughts of extra money spent and one day lost and start feeling excitement again for this trip to the old continent which feels like it’s all over before it even begun.

But trust me, things could have been worse.

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