Short disclosure before reading my blogs


Thanks for your time and interest to read my blogs.

Well I am noob blogger and I will try my best to improve by blogging more :). So please bear with my mistakes :). I will use very informal language (I am not planning to become a professional blogger :P) and will also try to keep the content as simple as possible.

The primary purpose of blogging my experiences is to motivate people to travel more ;) and also it serves as my personal diary. I have plans to blog other things as well, but for now it’s only travel-related.

Main objective of my travel related blogs will be to inform the reader about “Don’t miss” attractions (includes the one I missed :( ), where I stayed, other important tips to remember before reader plans to visit any particular place. I will also try to share fairly decent pictures taken using my cell phone( Well, I don’t own a DSLR or have copyright for “Nakul’s photography” ;) )

Suggestions and comments are hugely appreciated. In case if you decide to visit any place that I had been to, feel free to reach me to get more information and I charge very minimal service fee (just kidding :P)

-Nakul Chakrapani

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