Let it rain, if it rains!

But why? Because you can’t control it. And they say, you should let go of things which you can’t control or take control of.

Now if you ask, what could be these things? I would say, I don’t know. Then why to say so? Because it feels inside.

But instead of reacting to “Rains” outside, let’s “Respond” to it by thinking what I can do while it’s raining!

Well you could just go to window and keep watching it, listen to how good/bad/roaring does it sound.

Or you can think about what you can do inside your house. Listening to a song, may be! Or turn pages of dusty book sitting at corner could also be it.

A wise might ask that what should we do about the after effects of rains? Puddles by roadside are like your nosy neighbors. They won’t knock your door until you do on theirs.

You can cross those puddles without stepping on it and reach somewhere. You can keep moving avoiding these, just like life does.

Aren’t your problems behaving the same way? Yes, they do! So you can start responding to “Rains” in your life.

Have a great sunny week ahead!

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