Finally, we can write from iOS.

But is it too late?

A feature most requested — begged even — is now here with Medium enabling the writing / publishing ability to the iOS devices.

Having been used to typing out my thoughts — my book even — on the iPad this was a feature I missed much, and am extremely happy for it to have been provided. Yet, I can’t help but wonder if this is coming a tad too late.

Has the inability of typing and posting to Medium directly changed our habits in ways that requires a relearning of sorts? The words used by Medium in their special song in the email and the app update description itself suggests this:

On my phone again

Just can’t wait to write from my phone again

Now I can publish straight to Medium

And I can’t wait to write from my phone again

The highlight on the AGAIN is interesting, especially since Medium never supported this in the first place. And in that sense, it can only be referring to the habit of the users — which evolves at a very brisk pace.

Also, the features provided at this point are rather basic and in many ways limiting. In this piece I have been struggling to get a line break going; in fact, it does not look possible. And each time I try to get the blockquote going, my onscreen text goes haywire!

In effect, all one can do in addition to type and entering paragraph breaks at this point is add title format, blockquote, add link, and insert picture. So yes! It is rather limiting, especially since I can’t find a way to add simple text formatting like italic/bold/underline.

And if that were not enough, I am finding myself locked in portrait mode, and no real way to copy what I have written (‘Select All’ only selects one paragraph!) And seriously, is a single line break too much to ask for?!

Yet, this is clearly a new beginning for Medium and is a much needed feature to be able to type, edit, and publish. Even as I look forward to the next update already, I can’t help but ask: Is this too little, too late?

NOTE: I have typed my thoughts here even as I launched the new version of the app for the first time and I find myself hoping against hope that these issues may be a technical glitch only I am facing. Only time will tell.

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