It has been quite a journey at the bootcamp. It is the fourth day since the official start of the bootcamp, It is still as exciting as it was on the first day. We have been doing home based tests in the past two days, and they are really helping me expang my skills. I am learning more and more by solving challenging tasks and especially by sharing and learning with my other team members through a team channel.

Today I came across some libraries in python language that I have never used before as I was working with some modules. 
One of them was a library called nose. Its a testing framework for python modules which is based on unittest for writting and running tests.

We have been doing test driven development to test the codes we write at the bootcamp so I figured I should take a look at it and maybe use some of its elements in my testings. I went through the documentation and found it very impressive and easy to use and so I will be using it on some of my codes. 
I have been improving my skills and I can say that I am now better off than when I started the bootcamp.

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