After a Calamity

Surrounded by darkness everything appears cristal clear.

World didn’t stop spinning that night, ıt never does. But I felt everything was still. So I assumed that unconsciously I had begun to move with the rhythm of the stones. Sometimes fast sometimes slow were they moving, trying to shake and shiver all things that cling on earth. Everything was struggling standing on foot, everything but the plants with strong roots. I didn’t have even a tiny twig, I doomed to crumble and fall.

Luckily I fell backwards so that I could see the sky. As soon as I hit the ground I began feeling world’s movements again. It didn’t sense like a spinning globe. I was lying on an uncomfortable flat bed, gnawing by mice and every hitting tooth creates an individual quake.

I couldn’t be bothered with the shake cause me eyes were full of divine view. Sky was coal black and stars were bright as diamonds. I had never experienced such a supreme moment. Full of joy lying there I could have died. Nothing else matters after I saw the brightest stars ever. No beauty could be compared with it and none would I love again. This was the best way of ending all my days.

I thrilled and wept by awe still on the ground motionless. Who could tell if I lied there forever or for a few minutes? Not dead, not yet. When I realised I was still alive, I comprehend that I still got time. Regretting to be saved from a calamity I knew I had to move on, to relish every left second. Felt like this was the hardest quest of my life stood up weeping.

Silence surrounded me taking the night within. My feet stumbled all the way long while wiping my tears. Then I saw my hands were glistening through the night. Capturing the star light my tear drops made them a wet glowing coverage. No needed to be regret of revival. From now on I would carry the most divine night sky in my eyes and every time I cry I would remember the brightest star lights after a calamity.