Coral Kid

Chasing a colourful dream…

She was living so north that all the colours she knew were white or almost white. Sun was setting twice a year only at that time sky hardly consisted of extra few tones of pale blue. Like everyone else around her, she could be content with these colours till the end of her life if she hadn’t seen a colourful pheasant in one of her dreams.

She woke up without remembering what had happened in her dream but bird’s colourful tail remained hanging in her eyes. When she woke up everywhere was same white and white and white all around. This pristine land seemed so empty and joyless after her colourful dream. She trotted around reluctantly. A little bit ahead people gathered and were watching something on the ground. It wasn’t possible for her to see behind people how close she came. They were too tall for her. By pushing and pulling she managed to open a gap for herself. On the ground the tail which had been in her dream, was stirring on the snow.

Daylight had leaked through the ıce crystals and cast a flickering rainbow on the snow. Before long it faded away by changing direction of the sun. The magic spoiled and everyone returned to their own errands but little dreamer intrigued. Later that day and many more days she spent most of her time when she stays awake by asking questions to elders about other lands. Some of the grownups gave her books and some mentioned about their trips. One told some story by pointing far away. The side he showed was the opposite side of the mountain foothills where they were living.

By a sled-bike — which was installed with all her hopes and dreams — she started slipping from the top of the mountain. Steep slopes increased her speed in a very short time. If speed accelerates it seemed that she could easily exceed the limits of the white hood. Her current region had been already left behind. There was something big glowing ahead. She recognized the ocean as she got closer to it. White ground suddenly disappeared by leaving its place to grey blue waters. Sled-bike began to slow but still considered fast. She popped out from white to blue — not like an arrow but as an apple thrown from a sling — and a dolphin herd which was advancing southwards, held this uninvited guest that came suddenly.

After an unremembered long journey, passing the horizon, they approached the frontier of territories where the sun sets every day. Little dreamer, found herself on the beach, her sled-bike had succumbed to ride and also part of her dreams and hopes. In this vast expanse of yellow land she felt as if she turned to the point where she had started. Where were all the colours? The response came walking crabwise just beside her feet. She watched this red creature till it got into sea. Then behind her little green feet gently found a path through the sea by sliding sands. A bird was in the sky, its’ colour was undistinguishable because of the sun’s brightness, disappeared into the warm water with an elegant turn. Ocean was sucking all the colours.

Slowly she laid down her dreams on the path that hope showed. She was following the direction of the crab and met with many more soon. As she went deeper she drifted into obscurity of the rising darkness before her. She walked blindly for a while. When she was able to see again, she was surrounded with breathing rocks. The colours she was dreaming were in a material form and shrouding her. But this breath taking image fell down instantly and she found herself landed on a boat. Fishermen stared as confused as her for a moment. Then they rescued the dreamer from the net with their indistinguishable hands. No one spoke till they got ashore and night kept silence at fishermen’s house. All fell asleep without noticing.

Dawn lifted sleep that covered by the night. Dolphins were singing along with seagulls like having fun with someone familiar. Despite the clouds revived distant memories of lightning their shadows didn’t touch to walking creatures yet. The fishermen — wandering on the beach before starting the day and checking out the weather — realized that their house was empty. It was like looking in a mirror to look at each other with their identical faces. But still they looked deep into each other’s eyes to find an answer. But they never knew if they drew a kid on their deck from the coral.

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