Cursed By Rainbow (part 6)

or how a girl gets detemined.

The big catch…

Before starting you can read other parts one attached to other.

She walked till noon. Every time she looked up, she saw that freaky cloud. There were no sign for owl. She didn’t understand why mother owl attacked her. Was it because of her disturbing the siblings or was it because of cloud hunting? Maybe it was all about owl’s instinct to protect its region. It would make sense if there wasn’t bright day light.

Wizard stopped following the girl when he realized she was up to something. As he saw, she lifted her knee and gave an angle to bough. He wanted to have a closer look but when he tried to get closer his cloud began to tremble again.

Girl was spinning faster than before. She aimed to catch a bigger one and beside that she thought her speed would make the owl avoid from herself.

Wizard was watching in astonishment. This was truly new for him and he was eager to learn what kind of witchcraft was that. He saw a huge cloud descending towards the girl. As soon as the cloud touched the bough her spinning stopped. And that was it. A giant cloud was attached to girl’s bough like potato fries attached on a fork.

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