Fear is a good thing.

If you interpret it right.

Fear is how an odd feeling. It protects us on the other hand it prevents us. Fear both keeps us alive and blocks our way of life. Due to this, fear divides into segments.

The fear that tells us not to do anything: This kind of fear keeps us alive. It protects us from the danger of outer world. This is the fear which makes us hold still when we hear some noise at night that might belong to some intruder. In this manner, we hide our presence and wait till the danger passes.

The fear for overcoming yourself: It’s like a block of wall. It reveals our weaknesses. This type of fear suddenly comes and says that our force and skills are not enough for the related subject. When we feel this, we have to consider the risks of the situation. We can foresee the damages we might face if we carry on the current situation with our inadequate power and weak skills. In this respect, if the risks are worth taking we have the chance to develop our weaknesses. If the risks are too high to take we will grow distant with the situation and protect ourselves.

The fear of unknown at the time of decision: This fears carries desire to continue on the side. This feeling usually comes up when we suffer for deciding between two ways. One of the ways is the best logical option about the situation. The other way is the way that our heart desires to pursue; however this way has no logical worth. Whomever you take advice would tell you to choose the logical way. At this point when you look through the way that your heart desires and feel the fear which tells you to keep up and shivers your back by knowing all the things you’ll confront to; you should choose that way. Because this fear says that, you’re gonna suffer unexpected series of misfortune on the way. You will regret choosing this path. No one will support you on your journey because everybody has already concurred about the other way. But at the end, you will arrive the destination you’ve wanted by learning lots of things and improving yourself. If this fear is interpreted right, it shows us the right way to pursue for our lives.

The fear before we express our feelings: If this fear is same as explained above than we should absolutely express our feelings. But if danger siren rings with the fear you are feeling and your inside voice keeps telling you to flee without looking back, than you shouldn’t express your feelings. If danger siren keeps ringing in spite of our love and intimacy, than it’s better to listen that siren.

Once we realize how to listen and interpret our fear, it becomes the most trust worthy feeling we have.

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