Intro to MATHEmatics: mean≠average

I was having one of those days where I wanted to photograph everything, those days where I felt out of the frame so to speak- a contented bystander gratified by the selectness of things. The old woman walking toward the road, her waning frame supported by a rod. The skies with huge puffs of clouds floating and teasing our grandmothers who are ever yearning for rains. The man shouting profanities and his counterpart wearing a polo shirt with its collar popped (I have never found the upturned collar thing acceptable on any man but the free world status does not permit me to be any more disapproving of the behavior therefore I will leave it there with the popped up collars). The ground and the ants on it about their business, all the people about their business and everything. It all got me thinking about my business and how my spirit battles when I cannot write.

Waiting for moods has never worked out for me, and waiting for life in order to write is something I do poorly. Previously my writings have signaled somewhat to a need for an odd Xanax in the system and my audacity to be transparent, grimy and emotional has been hard to refresh. Needless to say, I am back! As far as introductions go, the above is probably the gist of it. My name is Mathe Naleli Jobo my mean and means is my written displays of learning. And oh! I am normal, mean reverting in all ways and in all my days. Enjoy my MATHE-matics.

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