Being naked

I love talking to myself. Because I can be true.Truly naked in my own thoughts.

I wonder if people have that type of chemistry with anyone else other than themselves.That type of nakedness.

Being naked is not always about shedding clothes. It is about exposing yourself and your thoughts, your dreams and your views.

Actually, it is easy to shed clothes and be available for somebody as they scan your whole body. See you, every inch of that flesh on your body. It is pleasurable and natural.

But being soul naked is reaching just whole another level.

It isn’t a level. It is the comfort.It is a feeling.

Do “soulmates” exist? Do they just speak their mind off?

There is a difference between lovers and soulmates, which many of us need to understand.Soulmates are comfortable where you do not need a second thought to speak your mind off; whether it is an argument, or a point of view, or just an expression.Lovers are the ones whom we fall for because of love, care, and actions.

Soulmates need not be lovers and vice versa. Soulmates are comforting with whom you can discuss that big bad poop or the lustful desire for a stranger out of nowhere.You have the same expressions and reactions for the things.

Soulmates do not need attraction but lovers do. So for hoping to mix them and finding someone like that is a rare thing.

And people who get that in the same person are lucky.