Manjarbad Fort-A Half Written Place

We all have places that we discover out of the blue. The places which are not so famous but a must visit and leaves you with wonder and half written story in your mind.The story you want to complete.

One such place is the Manjarbad fort. Just around 230 km from Bangalore, there lies a fort at about an elevation of a kilometer. It is located on Bangalore-Mangalore highway in the Hassan district. The place is best to visit in seasons of rain or after 2–3 days of continuous rains because that is when the real beauty comes out.

There are about 250 stairs that lead to the place but are worth it.The specialty of this little beauty is in its shape, a eight point-star shaped fort which was built by Tipu Sultan for war reasons with East India Company. From the type of design, you could tell that it would be hiding place for troops or storage of some goods.

There is a water pit in the middle with steps leading to it from all sides. Tunnels on either side of the fort which are now closed for some reason.
There are small rooms on the eight different walls which could serve as barracks or stores. One more interesting feature is it sloping walls which would have helped the soldiers in some way during the war.

The design and architecture of the place make you wonder and eager to listen to the story behind it, but for our disappointment,there are no details put up about the fort anywhere which leaves the visitor unaware of its architectural beauty and historical importance. It gives you a great view on the top of the city of Sakleshpur. You could also see the aerial view of the Western Ghats and the cold breeze adds up the calmness.

One tip before visiting is that avoid it at afternoons as it gets too hot to handle. During rainy season , the whole place is covered with the fresh green grass beds, even the walls. Best time to visit would be during sunrise or sunset which has a great view from this place.

There is not much written about the history of the place anywhere on the internet through which you can complete your half written story. But the place speaks so much through its walls dying to complete the story.

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