The glass is half empty

Its always said to view the positive side of the thing. The half filled glass is always half filled and never half empty. Because, we have to positive.

Have you ever thought of thinking about it being half empty?

No its not a negative thought.

You just described it another way.

What if we think of it being half empty ?

Would not we try to make it full? Would not we make an effort to complete it?

Its not always about thinking negative but the different thought will surely give us courage and strength to make it full. We will strive hard to make the task complete because the thought that it is not completed will haunt us.

Do you always need to be negative about everything ? Or do thinking little out of the sheep folk gives you courage to do something that no one ever has achieved?

Failures are the pillars, be it some other failures or your own. Failures help us to analyze between the right and the wrong path.

Because someone has to take the wrong path to declare it wrong. So if the glass is half empty, someone has to make it full.

Be it you, me or someone else.Rather than criticizing about the nature; Take a step forward and make it full.