Finally a perfect dwelling for Golf lovers

I am a golf person and I am a big fan of Tiger Woods. When I shifted to Bangalore and was in search of a flat, my friends recommended Prestige Property to me. Normally people have the criteria that they want a good locality, nice amenities, and a friendly neighborhood. I had a unique criteria of a Golf Clubhouse nearby too since I could not miss playing golf on weekends. To my surprise I got hold of Prestige Augusta Golf Village, the very name interested me, but I had to keep in mind about my family’s comfort too and to be honest, I didn’t really know much about real estate sector and particularly catering to Bangalore.

When I came around to look at the apartment with my wife, I was absolutely amazed by the design and the luxurious flooring and fixtures that perfectly appealed to my aesthetic sensibilities. When we finally decided to book a flat here I was very happy, and I know that my husband was extremely delighted to be able to find a spacious home in the heart of a city, just like he had always wanted. But there was one major concern that we had in mind before booking in this apartment, which was we thought it exceeded our budget. But the Prestige staff explained us and took care of all our bank transactions so well that this concern was no more a botheration to us. It is meant for Golf lovers, a perfect place to reside. Finding a perfectly-located Prestige home has been a relief to us, and we hope that you too make a smart choice and invest in a Prestige house. Located at the foot of the Nandi Hills on the edge of Lake Karehalli, Prestige Golfshire uses the very latest in sustainable design techniques to provide one of the finest Golf environments in the Indian subcontinent. To learn more, click here —

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