Sophistication and Class has another name now; Prestige Golfshire

I live in a 2 bhk flat in Prestige Sunrisers Park. When I first stepped in Bangalore, I had absolutely no idea about the real estate industry. I was all puzzled and stuck as to where to look for a decent flat, how to go about it, bank loans and other transactions- all were continuous questions hovering all over my brain. Though I know quite a bit about it now, thanks to my friend for recommending Prestige Properties to me. I am not only having a comfortable stay here, but also I have access to all the necessary and luxurious amenities all around. A month since now, my cousin has come to my place and so we planned to go out for a week. All we wanted was a perfect place where we could enjoy, relax, but of course not compromise on our luxurious lifestyle. My cousin being a Golf person, wanted to go somewhere he could enjoy golfing too. Being Prestige resident ourselves, we thought to explore Prestige properties for such comfort, and how glad we were to come across Prestige Golfshire.

The perfect setting of comfort, class and the best Golf experience one could get, in short a total golf package of luxurious mansions, aesthetic beauty, and what not!

We stayed there for a week as planned. It was a beautiful luxurious resort with pools everywhere, a wonderful golf course, good convention meeting rooms and great history. There was absolutely nothing that we were not happy with. We enjoyed staying there, and of course have fallen in love with Prestige Golfshire. First up, it is a beautiful best golf resorts, the golf course in particular in a beauty, the resort is huge. We were carrying our own gears and played a few rounds before retiring for lunch.

The place is ideal for a Corporate outing or for golfers looking for a place to perfect their game. I’m not too sure if non golfers would like to make a trip this far to enjoy a meal. Visit:

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