Take Action and Be The Change

Climate change is affecting our lives. Our children’s lives, and eventually their children’s lives. Us as a society are the only ones who can do anything to make a difference. In my research, I learned that ever since the Industrial Revolution, we have begun emitting more carbon dioxide into Earth’s atmosphere than we normally were. In doing so, the atmosphere grew thicker and the greenhouse gases cannot escape. “Greenhouse gases” are water vapor, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide, and methane. These gases need to escape because if they don’t, Earth’s atmosphere thickens and the heat from the sun cannot leave the atmosphere. The heat will have nothing left to do but warm up the planet.


If us as a society will not do anything, in the future extreme weather changes will affect our way of living. Frequent and serious storms, sea levels rising up to people’s doorsteps, and extreme heat waves.


When that happens, the people who live close to the ocean will be forced to move more inland. Eventually, there is not going to be enough space for everyone to live. Since the earth will be so hot, it is the perfect ground for infectious diseases to bloom. The season for mosquitoes and ticks will be longer which means that more people could be getting malaria. Sweaty people living in relatively the same place with diseases going around sounds like an ideal place to live, am I right?


Responses to climate change can actually be seen today. NASA states that the average temperature has risen 1.62 degrees Fahrenheit since the late 19th century. I bet if people from the 19th century could walk outside now, they could realize a difference. NASA also states that the tops of the ocean have warmed 0.4 degrees since 1969. I know that does not sound like a huge change, but we have to think about how it is affecting the marine life; and how severe temperature changes in the ocean can do harm to the animals in the sea.

Solutions for this issue that can make a huge difference, are hard and expensive. Only the government can initiate it. There are some things we can do as individuals:

  1. Walk instead of drive. I personally live in an apartment that is less than a mile from the college I attend, less than .3 miles from Publix, and less than a tenth of a mile from the restaurant that I work at. I have everything I need in a miles radius. instead of driving to these places, I have been walking. it reduces the number of gases I emit into the atmosphere from driving and it is a healthy alternative!
  1. Recycling. When we do not recycle, the plastics are burned up with the trash and those plastic fumes are now in the atmosphere which does not help the issue. Recycling allows things to be reused without emitting fumes in our atmosphere.
  2. Solar power. Did you know that according to Climate and Energy Solutions, 29% of emissions come from generating electricity? If you could switch to solar power instead of electricity, that percentage could reduce and it would be better for our atmosphere.

These are just a few things that us as individuals could do, and they are reasonable solutions. If we reduce the climate change problem now, our children and their children can grow up on a planet that is healthy and they would not have to worry about being the ones who are left with the problem. Just because it is not our problem right at this moment, does not mean it won’t be someone else's problem in the future.

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