The Design is Just Beginning

As a refresher, my last post was “What is Capstone?”. If you’re not familiar with the term, be sure to check out my last blog that will be listed above. That blog covers Capstone and how it allows creative freedom to me as a student and gives me a chance to show my knowledge.

Moving forward, we are now on week 3 of our Digital Media Capstone course. It’s been a whirlwind of brainstorming but I’m going to break down what I’ve accomplished this week. Keep reading to follow my journey!

To get an idea for my project I started with a word web to get my creativity flowing. Honestly, this was the hardest part. Sometimes it is hard to let loose and just write what you are thinking or feeling. I was able to narrow it down to two topics after word-webbing my thoughts.

My weakest ability is finding research. So naturally, that’s what consisted of in the next part of this assignment. It’s important to research your topics for many reasons. You don’t want to be culturally offensive if you are covering something from a different country, being informed on the topic you are creating/designing for deflects from you, the designer, looking ignorant and also helps to create a solid foundation that you can present to your clients. If you’re taking the time to research for your client, they are more likely to invest time in you.

Lastly, to finish this week off we started to create our mood boards. This is my favorite project because you can collect a series of images, Fonts, and textures to display to your audience what you are wanting your brand to look like. Mood boards can be both physical and digital, but for my taste, it is easier and more convenient to create a digital format.

These past 3 weeks have been a learning experience for me as a designer. First, when critiquing or receiving critiques, always remain open-minded. You will constantly have to make changes to your designs in a work setting and this is not a form of malice, it’s a way to help you grow! Second, broaden your area for research. Use trusted sources and not webpages like Wikipedia. As a student, I have access to news articles such as Times, EBSCO host, etc. but don’t be afraid to venture into physical formats as well. Magazines and Newspapers are not just virtual!

Don’t be afraid to go into your local store and research brands like your competitors. This is a great way to see merchandise in a natural setting and see WHO is out there. Third, do not be afraid to reach out for advice or help if you hit a foggy spot. Sometimes, an outside view is all you need to get your brain gears spinning again.

As far as my topics, I am very excited to continue forward with them. I feel some areas of my second project need to be expanded more and I need to review more research on mental health. Right now, my research and focus have been on the material on which these items will be designed. For the next few weeks I want to refine my ideas for my projects as well as gain solid research for them. From there, I want to view these items from a consumer standpoint. What influences my purchasing decision and how can I create these designs to catch my attention if I were to be buying them?

Follow my journey with me as we continue into the research and design process. See you next time!



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