Welcome home

I’m waiting to cross the street on my way back home when I see this girl holding 3 or 4 balloons — one of them says “Welcome home!” she’s also holding her purse and a cake.

She’s a perfect happy character from a French movie and I have my own script for her, ready to shoot, right after the light is green again.

I can see that she is exactly like me — always holding a lot of things, pretending to be okay when she’s actually eating her hair that’s coming into her mouth cause of the wind. A happier version of me doing all of that.

I can also see that she is late, checking the time on her phone, ready to surprise someone that is coming back home. A happier version of me, late for something important.

“He’s home again!” she must be thinking — or maybe “she’s home again!” or grandma’s home, rommie’s back, mom or whatever. Or maybe they’re coming home for the first time.

But she’s so happy. Happy that she’s carrying more than she can handle, happy that she’s going I don’t know where to met this person.

Happy against the wind and her hair that keeps coming in her mouth and happy, even if it’s rush hour. She is so… happy.

The light is green now, she’s crossing the street when suddenly the wind takes the “welcome home” balloon away from her. Life sucks.

She doesn’t notice that the fucking balloon is flying away. I’m thinking maybe I should say something but she is so happy, walking down the street on her way to this person that I simply… can’t. I can’t be the person that’s gonna tell her.

I keep thinking about the balloon that had all the meaning.

I keep thinking how happy she probably was when she found in the store.

I can’t help but smile as she walks towards me.

I’m not ready for this plot twist on my script. I’m now back on my way home, without any balloons or a cake or running late.

And yeah I’m writing about random people and random moments just to say that I can’t wait to be the person she’s coming to surprise.

I’m writing about random people and random moments just to say that I want to give balloons to someone that is back.

I miss home.

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