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Dirk is obviously a racist and proud of it. He may also be suffering from age related mental decline and may never have been super smart to begin with. As a European Immigrant he clearly feels superior to other immigrants, and probably feels threatened by them. As he and his wife obviously do when it comes to African Americans with “big heads/hair. He was a child of about 10 when WW II broke out and old enough to have memories of his country being invaded by Hitler. Why did he immigrate to the US I wonder. While his attitude is clearly disgusting and his alliance to Trump stupid because he does not seem to understand that he is hurting his own interests, his life story may be complicated and, yes, interesting. Does he like Trump because he liked Hitler? What were his boyhood experiences during this truly horrendous time? I guess we will never know and just have to wait for his generation to move on. It won’t be long now.

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