When I asked professionals that I surveyed why they were not actively partaking in these endeavors — most people responded: not enough time.

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Over the years, through music, I gained the confidence that I could learn anything I wanted to.

It is the mindset that has taken me to release three mixtapes, make countless unearthed beats, start my own business, tinker with different service offerings and products, improve my sales and marketing skills as an entrepreneur, learn how to write a fictional story, and now learn the process of publishing my first book — PRESS PLAY.

After writing the book…

Back in the 90’s and 2000’s when remixes were a big thing, I couldn't wait to hear the new features, verses, and remixed choruses of some of my favorite songs.

Press Play on my bookshelf

Only a few remixes were as good as the original but they were still worth listening to.

When I published my first book — PRESS PLAY — in April 2020, I went on a journey to publish one medium article per week to get snippets of the full message to my book to a new audience.

I found it interesting that by mixing and mashing up certain chapter and sub-chapters…

Music is a strong educative tool and can be lifelong learning and self-improvement tool.

Computer Music made on Chuck =>

What does the image above sound like?

A bunch of 0s and 1s? How does that translate to music? Just read along and you will hear it soon.

Let’s just back track on how I got here.

How music has become a tool for learning new skills and experiementing.

In 2013 when I still lived in Austin, Texas, I watched this 7min+ YouTube video of Nigerian producer and musician Jesse Jagz making a beat on his keyboard.

Jesse Jagz providing some beat-making inspiration

Up until that…

The impact of music can be felt across generations, cultures, and geographic locations, making it especially powerful for an impressionable youth.

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Nas’ God’s Son album was released amidst some controversy — with some critics saying it was blasphemous to release an album in which he compared his likeness to Christ.

From the funky James Brown-inspired storytelling on “Get Down” to the last song, “Heaven,” The song that caught a lot of attention was the youth empowering single “I Can.”

Over Beethoven’s classical “Fur Elise”‘s sample, Nas used his music to empower “ghetto children” to learn more about who they were…

Music is an emotive language that moves us through time and space, sparking vivid memories of the past, pushing us to action in the present, and igniting thoughts for the future.

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What is music?

Music is something that we are all very familiar with. Most of us have grown up loving a certain genre of music, artist, or song.

We have devices that keep us connected to our favorite tracks while at work, exercising, relaxing, and celebrating. It can be used for meditation, contemplation, and solace. …

Empathy is an integral part of the innovation process and a foundation for creative development.

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Empathy — a prerequisite for solving “wicked problems” — is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others.

The design thinking approach to innovation, as popularised by Stanford d.school and the global design firm IDEO, has emphasized the concept of empathy to make it inseparable from the innovation process.

Leading innovative companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Google use design thinking on a day-to-day basis to come up with new products and services. …

Most of the biggest innovators and inventors stumbled upon solutions through following their thread of curiosity.

Stanford Laptop Orchestra

Without having an end goal in mind, that’s how penicillin was discovered from a petri dish of staphylococcus bacteria that had been inadvertently left out on the windowsill.

Pure curiosity and insistent prototyping is what led to the invention of electricity, the printing press, the transistor, the telephone, and the internet.

Along with curiosity that allows change-makers to ask the right questions, networking diverse ideas, fields, and perspectives is another important tool that is necessary to spur innovation.

Curiosity + Diversity = Innovation


Embracing self-responsibility is one of your clearest paths to living a life with purpose.

Most times we tend to look beyond ourselves to find purpose. We ascribe our morality based on things that we watch, the people we’re surrounded by, our culture, religion, and tradition.

Our true moral compass comes from within — And that is usually shaped by our experiences, who we really are, who we want to be, and how we treat ourselves and one another.

Owning our personal responsibility is one of the bravest things we can do. Because at that point, we accept our roles and…

Humans are social creatures. We are herd animals. We function best in groups and communities.

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We are raised in and by communities. We embody values based on traditional, cultural, and communal values. We strive to be accepted by social groups — sometimes this is crucial to our survival. Belonging to communities adds to our personal sense of identity.

When we find our tribes — a group of like-minded people that have the same vision of how we should function and the type of world that we should live in, we develop a deeper sense of purpose.

A purpose that is…

I remember listening to Talib Kweli’s fifth solo album called Prisoner of Conscious in 2013 and how one phrase became a mantra.

Photo by Patrick Foreon Unsplash

As the album built up to the 5th track — High Life — and the sonic energy burst out of my speakers with intoxicating rhythms, groovy baselines, and spurts of saxophone and vocal samples, I was immediately sucked into the verbal sparring between Talib Kweli and Rubix as they traded lyrics on the first verse.

I had to pause and rewind when I heard the line around the 0:57 time mark:

“Put Passion into Action”

For some reason…

Nifemi Aluko

Business & Music Lover

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