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I’ll say it, I’m an avid Kanye West fan, but there is more to it. For all those people who abhor Kanye and his crazy antics, I feel you. He’s not perfect, far from it.

His ego is out of this world, I mean the man calls himself “Yeezus” and lives as if everyone in the world owes him something; but if we loved every artist or athlete for the way they are in real life then there are very few people who would be appreciated.

Every big name has some “dirt” on them that makes them imperfect. If you ask me, Kanye is a highly conceited visionary with a big ego/mouth. There is much much worse out there. Not saying that Kanye is an amazing person, just saying that he is musically gifted and I appreciate the music aspect of him.

So as I begin to listen to his new album, The Life of Pablo, I will be listening to it as a fan of the musically creative genius Kanye West is, not the corporate fighting want to be fashion icon Kanye.

Because at the end of the day, it’s music… and you take it in how you want to, that’s the whole beauty of it.

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