Types of Copassengers you meet in Uber Pool

Once while travelling in Uber pool when we were stuck in a jam, fellow passenger remarked “Do you know why so many startups are sprouting in Bangalore, because you get a lot of time to think of an idea while you are stuck in traffic like this”. Though I could not confirm his whole statement but the latter part needs no validation. What started as fun soon turned into a misery consuming a significant time of mine- Travelling in cabs to work which most of the Bangaloreans could relate to.
 Ever since the Uber pool has come into its existence, its adaptability into the Indian market has never been questioned. Pooling cabs to work is not much of a novelty nowadays and gets coupled with introducing you to a slew of new people on a regular basis. So as per my observation and whatever I have endured so far, I will sketch these characters (co- passengers) on the grounds of simple, rational or on being as intricate as a Gordian knot so as to paint on a wider canvas. 
 1) The “I have a boyfriend” type: You have been matched with “x” and on finding that x is a girl; sometimes even trifling things like this can cause the greatest of the joys but in most of the cases they will mean no business in introducing themselves and would be hooked to their phones either chatting or on call with their boyfriends ignoring your numerous attempts to strike off a conversation. 
 2) The Newly wed: As soon as your eyes momentarily fix themselves to the red bangles or the eyes beaming with happiness, it does not take more than a microsecond to come to an awakening that these are the newly married types. In general, throughout the journey they will either be glued to their phones or stay silent unless being prompted for directions. And ofcourse they try hard not to distract you with the jingling sound of their bangles.

3) The Silent Lamb: Out of all the characters, these are my favourites. They savour the time and focus in some mindful reading or warming up with their office work on laptops. Brevity is their forte and you will receive this reality check as soon as you initiate the conversation. Ironically they often leave a strong impression of their personality and idiosyncrasies despite much words being exchanged.

4) The Startup enthusiast: Well they will start with your job’s whereabouts and then would slowly go on and paint their extraordinary struggle stories embellishing to the hearts’ desire filling the minds with grit, passion and meaning towards life. Most of the times these guys either come with braggadocious alert or the perennial confusion on their head.

5) The complaining one: Be it turning on AC or about differing with driver on the routes or the drops, you can always find them venting out their frustration in some or the other way and in your head you start thinking that bus would have been a better option. Apart from their anger another sensation that seizes you as a co-passenger is: curiosity as to what could have possibly gone wrong with this person this morning or life.

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