And Journey of Namafone Media Labs Begins

Kenneth Fernandes, b. 1985,Based in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Kenneth Fernandes is a Videographer, Photographer & Producer as well as the Founder of Namafone Media Labs. He is based in Mumbai.

Kenneth has learned to appreciate the workings of a small community and found a love with the outdoors, and nature. His largest passions in life include anything that get him outdoors as and experiencing new things daily. When not busy with work, Kenneth can be found taking photographs, riding his bike, hiking, exploring, and enjoying cuisines. A true west coaster, Kenneth loves being outdoors and would gladly trade an office for a rain soaked forest any day.

Eric started his professional videography & production businesses at the young age of 17 where he mainly worked within the humor content. He has since expanded his services and now specializes in business promotional content, interview and journalism/documentary, and aviation promotion and camerawork.

Over the past years, Kenneth has grown his business by working with small local clients all the way to some of India’s largest companies, including the Indian Government. Kenneth has had his work shown on & TV, Sony TV as well as in the Comedy Central. He has also shot stories for CTV News, Bloomberg TV and the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, and had his timelapse videography featured on the Weather Nation Television Network in the United States.

As part of his service to his clients, Kenneth likes to bring his small community attitude to all of his work. At all times he maintains a professional, friendly and personal attitude. He regularly sends progress reports while editing and is available by phone or email at all times for changes during post-production.