Super particle theory

There is something which controls everything .

Regardless of being a believer or an athiest , just think about existence of things on this planet .

Don’t you feel there is something beyond science in this world . ( Not favouring the believers ) Don’t you feel that something is controlling this whole planet ? Not GOD , BHAGWAN , JESUS or ALLAH but some really strong power with no name .

If we talk about science then we find that there is an answer to everything , flickering of leaves ,blowing of air , death , life etc etc . But what about the questions which are not answered yet ?

(Example) Science tell us about objects , they are composed of atoms and atoms are composed of protons , neutrons and elctrons and similarly science have an answer about the formation of these subatomic particles too but what about that first particle from which the development started .

Not talking about atoms here but about everything existing in this contemporary world . All the things are composed of something but what about that thing or particle from which everything started , before which nothing ever existed .

How was that particle formed , no one can tell because before that particle nothing existed . And even if we add the concept of god here then also the question occurs that how were god created ? And again we come to that particle from which everything stared , a particle before the existence of universe , god , science or anything .

And everthing (including god , science ) revolve around that partice .

And I on my own term it as “SUPER PARTICLE THEORY” . A particle beyond science and god . A particle which controls everything !