Netflix and NOChill, Starring Donald Drumpf (Debate #2)

[Written LIVE during the second presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump]

Photo: AP


Pilot Episode 1: “On Hillary: No Handjob, No Problem”
Episode 2: “Operation Distraction: Throwing My Nuts at ISIS”
Episode 3: “THE African Americans and My Penis Envy”
Episode 4: “Fact Checkin Wit Deez Nutzzzz”
Episode 5: “Mansplaining the Letter ‘C’”
Episode 6: “Obamacare Will Give You Testicular Cancer”
Episode 7: “On Hillary’s Love Affair with Muslims: If You See Something, Say Something”
Episode 8: “On Immigration: Borders Tighter than My Daughter’s — — — -Ponytail”
Episode 9: “On Taxes: Short, Shriveled, and Hanging to the Right”
Episode 10: “On Warren Buffet: Name Dropping Faster Than My Left Nut”
Episode 11: “Nuclear Weapons: Hillary and Her Girls Gone Wild”
Episode 12: “On Foreign Policy: My Mic Is Bigger Than Your Mic”
Episode 13: “On Inclusive Governing: Redlining and Pipelining to This Diiiiihhhhh”
Episode 14: “On Sale Now!: Bootstraps Made of My Pubic Hairs, Only 9.95 + tax and shipping”
Episode 14: “On Hillary: Your Feistiness is Cute, But Renders Me Flaccid”
Episode 15: “Finale: Glove’s Off America, and Abortion Is Not An Option!”