starting a “me” journal (aka #bulletjournal) … again

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i’ve always been a planner — it’s both a blessing and a curse. it’s good to be organized but it’s also easy to take it to a ‘whole ‘nother level.’ see: obsessive compulsive. yep, guilty.

in the early 2000’s i bought myself a leather coach notebook/planner holder that most calendars/notebooks fit into. in 2005 i stumbled upon moleskin notebooks. swoon! i’ve always been a pretty paper/notebook addict and moleskins appeal to my sensible, minimalist side. back then i bought one to record all i was learning on my yoga journey. it was helpful during yoga teacher training the following year — all of my learnings and journal entries in one spot. i’ve since filled five other moleskin notebooks with various notes about yoga, writing, essential oils, holistic health, quotes, scripture and more.

as technology advanced, i moved away from paper to digital — mostly keeping my schedule in my iPhone calendar (that also syncs with my Mac), and taking notes in evernote. while the system works okay, i’ve been struggling with the incompleteness for a while because (a) it doesn’t easily allow for personal writing and exploration (unless i use an app), (b) it’s harder to keep an ongoing to-do list that can be scheduled into different days as time slots are available, and © i’m disconnecting further from self with all of the ‘screen time’ necessary to stay on top of my calendar, lists, to-dos, study.

over the last ten years i started a practice called morning pages and have kept at it sporadically, though not as much as i’d like. and those five moleskins rarely go with me so i’m still connected to my computer/phone. i kept thinking about how to incorporate a calendar, to-do list, ruminations on things i love, notes about concepts and ideas i want to commit to memory, a gratitude journal, etc., but couldn’t figure out how to pull it all together. enter the #bulletjournal concept.

hello! i’m hOMe! seriously.

when i first stumbled on the topic it was a big a-ha, like why didn’t i think of that? i now keep a bullet journal religiously; it goes everywhere with me and keeps me off of my digital tools a lot more. but i’m also calling it a “me” journal because of what it means to me. it has all of the components of a bullet journal that matter to me along with other pages that help me be “mindful everyday”, that’s what the ME stands for. it’s my WHY of keeping one.

if you’ve never heard of a bullet journal, do a quick google search. you’ll find a bazillion resources. or start at the source, it’s a calendar, to do list, brain dump, goal tracker, anything you want it to be really. and all you need is a notebook and some imagination. my bullet journal employs many of the same things that others in the bullet journal community use …

  • a year overview
  • daily spreads
  • month overviews
  • to-do list to schedule
  • list of ideas
  • weekly rhythm
  • books to read

but that’s just a very small taste. i have a lot of other spreads and pages that go along with my mindful everyday theme. i’ll be sharing much of that with you in the coming months, along with a yoga and ‘me journal’ workshop for my local peeps. stay tuned!

now i wanna hear from you! do you keep a journal? morning pages? #bulletjournal? is there anything different you track that you’ve not seen others include? please share. keep the inspiration going.

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Heather is a holistic health writer and yoga educator. She shares here daily as part of her personal writing practice — mostly lessons about embodied living, yoga and personal development. Cheers to a life well lived!

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