To circumnavigate US neutrality act Britain took delivery of aircraft in US Canadian border and pulled them into Canada by horses or trucks

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Flights dragged into Canada. Source-Pathe

It was the US Canadian border. On normal days it’s farmland with farmers plowing their fields.

Today is not a typical day. It’s the peak of World War II, and Britain was in a desperate situation in need of help from the USA. The USA converted the farm into a temporary airfield, but aircraft were pulled into the Canadian border using horses or trucks.

Why were the aircraft not flown to Canada directly? It’s a complex web of international politics.

World Politics

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FDR and

With the rise of Nazism, almost half of Europe was under the control of Hitler. Hitler strengthened the Atlantic Wall while the Luftwaffe bombed Britain. …

Subject of two books, the relationship between Jawaharlal Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten, is still controversial in India.

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Nehru with the Mountbattens. Source-Wikipedia

It was the last rites of Edwina Mountbatten, the wife of Lord Mountbatten, on 25 February 1960. HMS Wakeful took her body and buried it in the sea as per her wishes. Another navy ship shadowed HMS Wakeful from which the British government recorded the last rites of Edwina Mountbatten. After the rituals, the shadowing ship reached the burial site and dropped Marigold flowers. The shadowing ship was INS Trishul, which made the mysterious trip under the Indian prime minister’s orders. The trip raised questions on the alleged relationship between Jawaharlal Nehru and Edwina Mountbatten.

The Mountbattens:

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Edwina and Mountbatten.Source-Wikipedia

Edwina Mountbatten was born in 1900. She was energetic and moved among the royal and elite families of Britain. She fell in love with Lord Mountbatten, and they both married on 18 July 1922. Lord Mountbatten was the uncle of Prince Philip, who was married to Queen Elizabeth. Lord Mountbatten served as the head of combined forces in World War II. He headed many sabotage operations deep inside enemy lines. Edwina Mountbatten traveled with Lord Mountbatten in his adventures around the world. In the Netflix series “Crown,” Lord Mountbatten speaks to the Queen that he has a wife who has a very high spirit. It is an emphasis on the electrifying social life Edwina lived. …

Hans Oster’s initiatives helped in saving many lives and prevented Spain from entering an alliance with Germany

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Hans Oster. Source-Wikipedia

Nazi officials hurdled Jews in the occupied zone into a train towards Spain. It was a daring escape plan to save Jews from persecution.

The escape plan was not conducted by resistance groups or by Allied spies. Nazi bureaucrats deep inside the Nazi government executed it.

It was Hans Oster and his accomplices. Anti Nazi officials filled the Abwehr; or German military secret intelligence, and plotted against Hitler and saved many lives.

Initial Days:

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Abwehr at work.Source-Wikipedia

Hans Oster was born in Dresden in 1887. He joined the German military and fought in World War I and won an Iron Cross for his bravery.

After an investigation on an alleged affair with an Army general staff’s wife, the German military removed Oster from his post. Oster maintained his close contacts with World War I veterans, which paid him off in the Nazi regime. …


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