Operation Mincemeat was an attempt by British intelligence to plant fake documents into the hands of German intelligence.

A body of a British officer came to the shores of Spain. The British embassy in Spain and the German intelligence (Abwehr) officers rushed to examine the body.

Though Spain declared both sides could not see the body, it informally allowed German Intelligence agents to examine the body. It was…

A Pushkin Tu-104 crash was due to improper load distribution and heavy personal shopping by Soviet officials.

It is a typical day on 7 February 1981. A military aircraft took off from the tarmac. Within a few minutes, the flight crashed, killing everyone on the plane.

The passengers on the flight were not civilians but top-ranking Russian naval officers. Sixteen admirals died in the crash. Even in…

In World War II, the disastrous British landing in Norway made Winston Churchill the prime minister of Britain.

It was one of the crucial points in World War II. No, it’s not the D-Day landing but the Norway landing by the British and French troops.

The British and French landed in Norway was a total disaster. The disaster made Winston S, Churchill prime minister of Britain.

After World War I

Britain concentrated on maintaining its colonies after World War I, which cost it during the initial stage of World War II

In 1940 Britain was left all alone in World War II. With the Fall of France, Germany cornered the island nation to surrender. Though the British Empire had colonies across the globe, it could not defeat the German army (Wehrmacht) in the Battle Of France. …

Indian government lost 2 Billion USD to gain 0.3 Billion USD while bullying its own company

On November 5, 2021, a major company share in the Indian stock market fell by 40 percent. Again, it bounced back 25 percent in a few hours and ended in a -15 percent for the day. The sudden jerk caused a market cap loss of 15000 Crore INR or 2…

Maharana Pratap Singh single-handedly held against the mighty Mughal army to save his kingdom.

It is the small kingdom of Mewar in India. The mighty Mughal empire, which ruled entire North India, is afraid of this one small province.

The greatest emperor of the Mughal regime, Akbar, was stunned by the resistance. Mewar was ruled by Maharaja Maharana Pratap Singh. …

Agalega Island, strategically positioned in the Indian Ocean, is of keen interest to India. What’s in store for the locals?

It is a remote island in the Indian ocean. The locals are busy enjoying their daily business. The islanders have noticed an increase in the foreign population on the island in recent days. The foreigners came on the pretext of constructing an airport and harbor for the well-being of the…

TATA board forced its chairman to resign from his actions against the company’s vision

The TATA group is one of the most prestigious brands in India. TATA brand has survived for more than 100 years under the able leadership of many prominent leaders. The TATA sons faced an awkward situation in its long survival path where the board decided to fire its chairman. He…

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