Velpaari, a small chieftain, fought against the mighty Chera, Chola, and Pandya of South India and surprisingly won it

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A depiction of VelPaari. Source-

We have all heard the story of David versus Goliath, where David, who was a timid young boy, defeated Goliath, the giant. It is the usual story of an underdog performing to everyone’s surprise. Such an event happened in India where a small chieftain fought against an alliance of three mighty empires and won against them through his sheer planning and bravery. The chieftain was Velpaari.

A leak in a toilet led to the sinking of U-1206.

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Sketch of U-1206.Source-

German U-boats caused a massive menace in World War II. Especially on the Atlantic convoys, where they disrupted the USA’s merchant ships to the UK. Even though the U-boats were built with state of the art technology, they too had some crappy problems.

U boats of World War I:

Princess Alice of Battenberg led a simple life, and the British government awarded her “Hero of Holocaust.”

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Princess Alice.Source-

It is the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. Most of the guests wore magnificent dresses and jewels or dress uniforms.

Among them was an odd woman. She was a nun dressed in a simple costume. What does a nun do with the Royal Family?

The woman is none other than the mother of Prince Philip and the mother in law of Queen Elizabeth II. Her name was Princess Alice of Battenberg. Her life is a roller coaster of emotions where she even saved some Jewish families from the Nazis.

Early Life:

Nirav Modi siphoned millions of hard-earned money from India and still evades justice.

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Nirav Modi.Source-Wikipedia

What if I say that you can print money out of thin air. What if all you need is a single sheet of a document with which you can produce n number of times and get money from the bank. You might ask what happens if caught. Well, don’t worry, you can save your self in one of those finance havens. I’m not mentioning far off island in the pacific. The sanctuary is London, and the guy is Nirav Modi.

In the Danzig Post Office, armed civilians, stood against a Wehrmacht offensive e of 180 soldiers, two artillery pieces, and one armored vehicle.

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Wehrmacht offensive action. source-

It was the official start of World War II in Europe. Germany started its annexation of Poland.

Adolph Hitler thought it would be a simple task of eradicating the Poles. The first target in the invasion, the free city of Danzig (modern Gdańsk), showed a lot of resistance, so much so that a post office in the city stood through several waves of attacks.

The post office of Danzig became a symbol of resistance for the Polish people. It gave the signal to the Germans that they have a difficult task ahead.

The Formation of Danzig

Indian government successfully tapped the Pakistani Army general’s phone call and proved the Pakistani Army’s involvement in the Kargil War.

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Kargil war-Source-

It was the peak of the Kargil War fought between India and Pakistan. It was not like the other wars fought between the neighboring countries. The Kargil War was a proxy war from Pakistan’s side.

Pakistani leaders denied any role of the Pakistani army in the war. It insisted that it was militants who waged war.

But the Indian Army emphasized that Pakistan’s army personnel are actively involved in the war. To prove the point, the Indian intelligence agency revealed Pakistan’s active participation in the war. It came from the head of the Pakistani Army.

India-Pakistan and wars:

During its Darkest Hour, Britain stuck to making the cheap and straightforward aircraft Mosquito from wood, which changed the course of the war

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de Havilland Mosquito.Source-

It was the peak of World War II as the Battle of Britain raged across the skies of Europe.

The Luftwaffe, the German Air Force, ruled the skies over the British channel. The Royal Air Force (RAF) lagged initially but caught up with Luftwaffe in the latter part of the war. During this intermediate period, the Royal Air Force needed a temporary solution to keep the Luftwaffe in check and attack Germany, Italy, and German-occupied areas. The aircraft needs to be light and cheap, thus was born Mosquito.

The Luftwaffe’s Edge:

With Frédéric Joliot-Curie’s help, Britain was able to secure 500kg of Hard water, which hindered Germany’s nuclear program.

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Frédéric Joliot-Curie and his wife.Source-

Let’s say you happened to visit the British royal treasury in London in 1942. In that case, you might have looked into the last reminiscence of colonial Britain.

You might have seen the famous Kohinoor diamond, Precious stones from various parts of the world. After roaming around the colossal treasury, you might notice 500 kg of water in a corner.

Please don’t drink it. It might even kill you. What are 500 kilograms of water doing among diamonds and precious stones inside the British Royal Treasury?

The Atomic Age:

The Sahara Group’s reply to financial watchdog was an intriguing tale of a judicial nightmare

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Netflix promo. Source-

Let’s say that financial regulators caught you in a financial scandal, and what the best way to escape from you.

Your options are either you convince the investigating agency or confuse them. Netflix recently retold an intriguing story from India where a multi-billionaire did an absurd thing to confuse the investigating authorities and how it backfired.

The Rise Of Sahara:

Usually, Counterfeit currency is printed to derail an economy. But West Germany printed fake notes and stored them in Cochem for precisely the opposite reason.

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Fake currency printed. Source-

In usual circumstances, fake money is printed by people who want to profit from it or disrupt a country’s economy.

During the Cold War peak, one government printed counterfeit money to save its economy from ruins. Where else would it be more appropriate than at the heart of the Cold War in Europe — West Germany.

Communism Vs Capitalism:


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