Operation Mincemeat was an attempt by British intelligence to plant fake documents into the hands of German intelligence.

A body of a British officer came to the shores of Spain. The British embassy in Spain and the German intelligence (Abwehr) officers rushed to examine the body.

Though Spain declared both sides could not see the body, it informally allowed German Intelligence agents to examine the body. It was…

CIA planned to jeopardize Iran’s nuclear plan but, in turn, helped hasten it

It was a covert US operation to hinder Iran’s nuclear program. The US tried to supply Iran with a wrong plan so that the program would derail, but unfortunately, the plan backfired and even helped Iran to fasten its nuclear program.

Like any other country in the world, Iran wanted…

During the India-Pakistan war in 1971, an Indian cabinet member leaked the meeting minutes to the CIA.

It was the high-level meeting of the Indian cabinet on an important decision. The Indian army is on the verge of pushing the Pakistan army back. The Indian government took an important decision to enter Pakistan and capture its capital. The Indian military stopped all of a sudden thanks to…

Subramanian Swamy had a bounty on his head, but he made a daring entry and exit into the Indian parliament.

It is the emergency period in India. Opposition party leaders are either under arrest or under exile. One man decided to go against the oppressive government. He had a bounty on his head but walked into the Indian parliament and walked off without being arrested. He gave a new ray…

In World War II, Nicholas Stephen Alkemade jumped from a height of 18,000 feet and landed safely without a parachute.

It is an aircraft on fire. A British airman jumped from the plane from an elevation of 18000 feet without a parachute. Luckily the airman landed safely, and interestingly even the Gestapo verified his lucky escape.

World War II

In 1908 the Russian Navy came to Italy’s rescue during a natural disaster.

It was a colossal disaster in Italy, and nations across the globe sent aid to help Italy. The first help to arrive came from the Imperial Russian Navy.

The rescue operation might sound like the latest relief measure provided by Russia during the COVID-19 pandemic. Still, the bond between the…

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