Social Injustice

One time i experienced social injustice was when i went to Sephora with my sister Alejandra. She went to go buy some lipsticks and i wandered off into the store. As i was looking around i noticed the manager of the store was watching me and following me around everywhere i went. It felt very uncomfortable having someone follow you and watch you because they think you’re stealing. That day i was wearing bummy clothes and so i thought that maybe the manager thought i was stealing because the way i was dressed and overall because I’m latin and most people think latin people only cause trouble. I was very angry at that point, but when she called an employee over and pointed at me while whispering something to her i was furious and upset that she was telling other employees to watch out for me. I left the store and waited for my sister outside thinking that i will never step foot on a Sephora store.

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