Blog by our social media Interns about NameDrop!

What do you use every single day, but never pay for? What is truly yours but came from somewhere else? What is very personal but shared with everyone?

Your Name

So that begs the question, “What’s in a name?” As soon as you’re born you get one, often even before. You don’t know it at that moment, but it will define who you are for your entire life. You can be funny, smart, happy, sad, successful, handsome, classy, wild or anything you can think of this very second. …

Here we go folks —

We’re kicking off our NameDrop blog to share a few things with the community:
1) who we are and why we exist
2) updates about the product and company
3) funny happenings related to us or otherwise
4) user stories

This blog will be a mix of serious and fun, because the fact is, even though we are very serious about ending name mispronunciation in this world,

but we know it won’t be right away. So we won’t take everything too hardcore. Crazy thing is, we’ll likely end up teaching computers how to say names correctly before humans :)

#name #pronunciation #saymyname #launch


Your NAME is your's time people get it right! ^@credizian @shrutimkrishnan

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