How the Torah and Bible killed God

I used to see the rise of atheism as an effect of the scientific revolution and Enlightenment. While this holds truth, I just realised that Nietzsche’s eventual “death of God” has been a much longer time in the making.

Cultures naturally change. Traditionally, religion changes along with every other cultural element. Every generation may see the world a little differently from their parents and grandparents, will have different values and interpretations, and thus pass on a slightly modified version of the religion.

The exponential growth of technological progress has always ensured that cultures keep evolving, faster than before.

One product of this progress is the invention of writing. For various reasons, some cultures started writing down aspects of their religion. This created a canon that made their religions, while not exactly fixed in time, far more resilient to cultural change than religions had traditionally been.

This created a paradoxical situation. Technological progress caused most culture elements to change faster and faster — but in the meantime caused religion to change more slowly.

Technological progress caused culture to change faster — and religion more slowly.

In the western world, it may have been science and the accompanying objective, materialistic worldview that killed God. But this was in a sense only an implementation detail. What I realised was that God would have died even without the scientific process.

As soon as religious elements are written down, and as long as the written version is seen as final, a culture and its religion can do nothing else but grow apart.

I have to say this was a surprise for me to realise. Are there mistakes in here? Did I say anything that’s wrong or simply meaningless? Please let me know!

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