The one habit that stuck

I always have many things I want to do. Of course, most I don’t start, and many others fail. Except exercising. I started a few years ago and never stopped. Two things really helped me.

Doing it a little

When I started, all I knew was running. Where I was living, there was only one road I could run, and it went uphill. I was unhappy and stressed and rarely felt like doing anything. I only managed to drag myself to it thanks to one thought:

It’s better to do it badly than to not do it at all.

I really didn’t want to do it and I knew I would do a bad job, but once a week this one thought forced me to push through it. Once running a bit was a habit, I could increase gradually.

Many reasons

Maybe, the more reasons I have to do something, the more likely I am to do it.

I have noble and selfish reasons. Good and bad reasons. Maybe even good and evil reasons.

Yes, we have selfish and bad and evil parts. I don’t know how to integrate them. But I figure I better use them well than suppress them.

Reasons I exercise:

  • For IQ
  • For the ladies
  • To stay physically healthier on the long term
  • For confidence in social situations
  • To feel healthier, happier, fitter, generally better
  • Something dark inside me loves the willpower, if not self-tyranny of it
  • To prove wrong (well, make wrong) the people who would think of me as weak

Success with your own goals for the new year!

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