Paula White Joins White House, Asks Ministry Supporters for $3,600 in Return for God’s Favor

Nov 1 · 4 min read

Paula White, preacher and President Donald Trump’s personal pastor, has joined the White House as head of the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative. The news came a day before White’s ministry emailed supporters asking them to donate $3,600 to achieve “opportunity and favor” from God.

The New York Times reported October 31, 2019:

Ms. White will work in the Office of Public Liaison, the official said, which is the division of the White House overseeing outreach to groups and coalitions organizing key parts of the president’s base. Her role will be to advise the administration’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative, which Mr. Trump established last year by executive order and which aims to give religious groups more of a voice in government programs devoted to issues like defending religious liberty and fighting poverty.

The following day, a newsletter with the subject “Opportunity & Favor Are Yours!” from Paula White Ministries & New Destiny Christian Center (the Apopka, Florida, church where she serves as the “overseeing pastor”) showed up in subscribers’ inboxes.

An email with the subject “Opportunity & Favor Are Yours!” arrived in Paula White Ministries subscribers’ inboxes on Nov. 1, a day after the White House revealed White’s role with the Faith and Opportunity Initiative.

You Must Stay Connected With and Obey Paula White

“During this season something so supernatural will take place and it will literally shift your life in a very positive way, IF you have ears to hear and connect to the prophetic moment,” White says in the email. “Friend, YOU MUST STAY CONNECTED TO ME DURING THIS PROPHETIC SEASON!”

The email includes a video of White teaching on her “suddenly theology” based on God’s words in Isaiah 48:3.

White states in her ministry email that God showed her personally “that He is going to do something quickly, instantly and unexpectedly” in four areas: restoration, defeat over your enemies, deliverance, and revival.

I don’t know how many subscribers White has on her ministry newsletter list, but it seems this is a general message for all of her supporters.

“When you obey in faith, God is going to deliver you from every chain that has imprisoned you,” White states in the email.

White’s email goes on to suggest that supporters must follow her instructions and stay aligned with her to ensure they experience these four things God told her He would do.

“Friend, you must understand the instruction that follows in order to align yourself with this SUDDENLY. You cannot ignore the prophetic and apostolic instruction that follows. You are a spirit being and I must be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit of God. This is how He commissioned me to process this to you,” the email reads.

But in order to experience God’s “favor” in these areas and “activate” this “suddenly” experience, “YOU MUST FAST” and “YOU MUST GIVE,” White explains.

Making a $3,600 Is ‘A True Sacrifice’

In addition to fasting for three days, supporters must give “sacrificially.”

Paula White-Cain explains in her email how important it is to giver $3,600, even if it’s painful.

White explains that “the biggest tool of Satan to sabotage the prophetic promises of God from manifesting is to get His people to withhold their resources.”

So to experience God’s favor and take hold of this “sudden” opportunity, White’s supporters must give her ministry either $3,600, $300, or — “if you are limited severely…” — $70. White provides the dollar amounts based on the number of animals sacrificed by a follower of God in 2 Chronicles 29:27–36.

“WHAT YOU OFFER MUST BE SACRIFICIAL. YOU MUST FEEL IT LEAVE YOU,” White explains. “This is the prophetic demand. This is to initiate the SUDDENLY in your life.”

White’s ministry sends emails like this to supporters several times a month, usually with an appeal for money tied to what she says are “prophetic” instructions from God that, if followed by supporters, will lead to spiritual and material transformation in their lives.

White-Cain signed off her email explaining why she has “no problem making these demands.”

It was unclear when White, who has reportedly known President Trump since 2002, would officially begin her duties as head of the White House’s Faith and Opportunity Initiative.


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