A Case For Chris Paul, Second-Best Point Guard Of All Time
Shane Young

“Look at CP3’s playoff stats”

CP3’s playoff stats are enormously inflated and protected under ideal and perfect statistical circumstances, making them incomparable to other all-time great PGs.

1. CP3 has played 8 of 12 playoff series in the first round. If you play 2/3 of your career in the 1st round, you better have good stats considering you don’t have to maintain your production for more games per playoff run. T-Mac had 30–7–7–1–1 on 43% in Orlando/Houston playoff years, all in the 1st round, and with less help than CP3 in most of those years.

2. None of the teams that beat Chris Paul were good enough to even make the Finals afterwards. He never even had to face the best competition, and that on top of his 1st round inflation heavily protects and inflates his playoff stats. T-Mac also never played a Finals or title team in any of his starter years which also led to his monster Orlando/Houston playoff stats on top of 1st-round inflation. The fact that CP3 has never faced a team that was good enough to make the Finals after beating him further confirms his severe incompetence as a leader, since he can’t beat 2nd-tier teams even with great help from West/Chandler and Griffin/Deandre

Any top 15 all-time PG would have put up the same playoff stats as CP3 under ideal statistical circumstances, most of them with even better numbers.

Rod Strickland was just as good in the playoffs as Chris Paul during his brief prime, if not better, while benefiting from 1st round inflation

Rod Strickland 1994–1997 Playoffs
(all 4 series in Rd 1)
21.7 ppg on 45%
5.1 rpg
9.5 apg
2.9 TOPG

Chris Paul 2008–2016 Playoffs
(8 of 12 series in Rd 1)
21.0 ppg on 48%
4.7 rpg
9.4 apg
2.7 TOpg

Strickland also played 2 championship teams in the 1994 Rockets and 1997 Bulls, whereas none of the teams that beat Paul went on to even make the Finals. So Strickland put up the same, or better stats against way more stacked competition, with less help

Prime Rod Strickland > Prime Chris Paul in the playoffs, he just had a shorter prime and played on worse teams, against better competition.

Chris Paul is not an elite defender. He has been exposed on defense repeatedly in the playoffs — search “Chris Paul’s Overrated Defense Exposed” on youtube

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