Is Propaganda Always Bad?

People don’t mind being taught.

What they mind is being talked down to by supercilious but defective 
people who think they are the only ones who know what is best for everyone else.

The truth is that you Dems “hate being taught”. You didn’t like this lesson one bit, did you? How did it feel to have your behinds handed to you unceremoniously?

Well, if you don’t like the feeling, don’t expect anyone else to like it either — on any side of the aisle.

You want people to learn? Treat them with the respect they deserve for the truth is that civilization is interdependent. Your lifestyle would be oh-so different if even one industry shut down for three months — say the garbage industry?

Correct disposal is vital to civilization. Yet does anyone give the waste collectors their due?

Learn how to approach people no matter what socioeconomic level, ethnic, culture, schooling, profession or, political party. Otherwise you’re resting on laurels you have not earned.

And no dear, I’m not a Republican. I’m more of a centrist although I like to identify as independent of any group or side’s cult-think.

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