I guess it’s true that starting is the best way to start.

I had been mulling over the past two weeks on whether I should start a blog, writing somewhere and actually publish it. These occasional mullings have not been in vain. I have managed to jot down few ideas for articles I thought somebody should write about.

I even took some pictures so it can accomodate some of the articles I intend to write in the future. (And to make it more “interesting” for those who are not used to only texts.)

I read that articles and paragraphs ideally should not begin with I’s. I have just noticed all the above paragraphs violated that very “rule”. So I will start all the remaining paragraphs of this writing with my I’s.

I always thought writings, no matter the platform or the target audience, should always be as simple as possible. No good reason to use a big, long word when you can use a simpler word that conveys the same weight.

I guess I am writing mostly for myself. Mostly because I think I should improve my writing and everyone could be a better writer than they are currently. You just happened to be reading and maybe commenting on my practice to become a better writer. I don’t think I will read the next five books I can find on becoming a better writer. Instead I will just write.

I don’t expect you to marvel at my writing skill or depth of my knowledge but I do promise honesty and effort for insight. You will probably find a bit of nonsense, a lot of attempt at humor and some common sense. But I guess all this is for entertainment.

I figure I should end this post soon. I do hope that in the future no one will lose their shit and start writing in rage as they embrace their inner keyboard warrior mentality and write a lot of nonsense in reply to my notes. After all, I did write the second last paragraph for a purpose. But come may those warriors, I can only wish you luck.