The Trump Administration is trying to set back the development of renewable sources of energy.
William H

Agreed, and additionally there are just too many of us to continue using obsolete consumptive and wastefully inefficient sources of energy. I am ignoring the environmental issues because while they alone are enough reason for change they are not the only things wrong with our carbon based energy sources. They are becoming fiscally irresponsible as well.

What I believe is a major contributing factor in the resistance of changing energy production is simple fear. We are living in very unsettled times. We face an egomaniacal dictator with nuclear capabilities who is starving his people to build a fleet of ICBMs. Middle Eastern fanatics hiding behind religious extremism are waging a terrorist war in large areas and in western urban centers. Income disparity is chipping at the very foundations of our nation. The poverty income level has been rising faster then the minimum wage for over half a century. Healthcare in America is beyond the reach of a large sector of our population and Our government is looking to exclude more. Of course many are afraid of change for they have every reason to.

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