Republicans Still Have A Chance to Repeal Obamacare — If They Can Take It
Charlie Gerow

Sorry, but this article is rife with right wingnut talking points and yet somehow manages to ignore the bald fact that a hell of a lot of the Republican’t support depends on the ACA,s continued viability. The Party of No has totally jammed itself up by promising to destroy, for the benefit of the obscenely wealthy, a health insurance plan that was doomed by their own crass amendments.

The author also wrongly assumes that progressives wanted it to fail although we were extremely disappointing that the President we had so much hope for did not even consider single payer as an option and cratered to big PHARMA regarding prescription costs. But it was what it was and to make it work for us all was the only useful option. The Republican’ts rejected this to their stupidity and pandering to the all too available bigots attacked it and the president with a full court press, paralyzing the House and making governing difficult to the point of weakening our national credit rating.

The new election cycle proved too much for either party and what were really independents took most of the limelight from either party. The Party of No ended up with a carnival barker who could attract a crowd with talking points and empty promises while the Democrats tried to shove a third neo-liberal down our throats with the somewhat unsurprising result.

Now we have a ruling Party with more clout then any party has had since the election of Roosevelt and the ability of a high school debate club. They are sworn, with what must be the political equivalent of a blood oath, to eradicate and replace a program that is supporting health care access to many of their base with, even after seven years, absolutely no viable alternatives. If Obama had planned this from the outset he couldn’t have produced a worse scenario for the opposition. These men and women have sold their souls to the corporate sector for wealth and power and have totally lost sight of their reasons for being in office. At least those who once had service to the public in mind when they were campaigning.

Good luck GOP this couldn’t happen to a more deserving party.

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