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You can’t please everyone. This also applies to brand development. Your product will only please customers in a certain niche. And that’s a good thing. Brands that try to address all potential customers at once dilute themselves too early. They become pale and faceless. At the beginning of a brand development there is therefore always the question:

“Who buys my product when, where & why?”

Customer Research helps you identify the potential buyers of your products and create a customized brand experience.

The length of this story does not allow us to cover the broad subject in its entirety. We will therefore limit ourselves to the most important keywords on the topic and try to give you a selective insight into Personas, Touchpoints, Customer Journey, Pain Points & Magic Moments. …

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The Foundation of the Perfect Brand Name

In the first two parts of this series of articles on the more strategic aspects of the branding process, we focused on brand consulting and brand development/branding. To conclude the series, this article deals with the strategic naming of companies, products and services according to your individual needs.

“The name choice is not only a creative process.”

Finding a suitable name for a newborn can be difficult. Normally, at the time you choose a name, you know relatively little about the later traits and peculiarities that will make your child the person he or she will become.

Branding is a bit easier. As you have learned in the previous two chapters, we always start a brand identification process by immersing ourselves in the history of the brand and creating a brand architecture based on it. This includes the basic characteristics and values of a brand as well as finer nuances such as individual traits and peculiarities of the product or company. …

With a concise brand you stand out and are remembered by your customers. Brand elements such as logos, colors and fonts must be used uniformly and conform to the brand on all communication channels, especially on the web. In this article I have compiled the five most important tips you should consider when branding your website.

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1. Forget the Optics for the Beginning

A visually appealing Internet presence is a great thing no question. …


Roman Kasinski

Namo Studio for Branding & Design

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