Global Infrastructure Of AWS

AWS (Amazon Web Service) serves more than 240 countries and territories and they are expanding their Global Infrastructure. As AWS is a Global Public cloud provider, it has to have global network of infrastructure to run and to manage cloud services around the globe. In this post, we’ll take a look at the components that togetherly form the AWS Global Infrastructure.

The components are:

  • Data Centers
  • Availability Zones
  • Regions

Let’s take a closer look on each component and how they are linked.

Before that let’s imagine a scenario where we are going to build a Student directory application.We want this application to store picture and other information about our fictional students.

In our student directory application we want to use pictures of students. For that, we have to save them somewhere safe.For now, they are saved locally on my system.But my system can be destroyed resulting no more pictures.

To avoid this, We will be uploading pictures to AWS.This also allows us to access our data from anywhere around the globe.

Now, When we are storing our pictures in an AWS service, unknowingly we are storing it in Data center. But Data centers can also be destroyed.But AWS has plan for this.

Data centers around the world are clustered through Redundancy.So Data center might be connected to other data center through high redundancy and low latency.So that if one data center goes down the second one is still running.

The cluster of Data centers in called as Availability zone(AZ).The Data centers in AZ are connected with Redundant power ,Networking and Connectivity.

As we know Data centers can be harmed or destroyed in similar way AZs can also be harmed or destroyed.But luckily, AWS has planned for this too.Like data centers AZs are also clustered and connect with others with high redundancy and low latency.

The cluster of AZs is called as Region. Region is simply a geographical location. In AWS we have to choose location for our resources by picking a region.Regions are named by geographical locations so one can easily say where they are.

so these are the Components of AWS Global Infrastructure.


Data centers form AZs and AZs form Regions.

Addition Information

There are 81 Azs and 25 Regions In World out of which 1 Region with 2 Azs is located in India.

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