Abish Mathew motivational yet hilarious TEDx speech !

Abish Mathew, the most popular and experienced stand up comedian of our generation is an inspiration on how not to lose hope on anything. In his TEDx talk he tells about his struggle and his dedication for achieving what he wants. Abish started his career as a host of a radio channel Hit 95 FM’s evening show, and now he is an international stand up comedian and hosts his own show at Canvas Laugh Factory called “Son of Abish”.

He tells us to dream ,to set goals and to be practical. Setting very “specific” goals is very important as it will make the path to achieve it a lot easier. He believes in being ambitious, and excel in it. Don’t just follow the path that comes very easy to you, make your own path, towards the dream that you have. Then, it will definitely become a reality. The most important and logical point is that if you know what you like to do in life , and you are good at it, nobody in the world can stop you from achieving your goal.

Steve Jobs has once quoted that ” The people who the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.” So, be that crazy person who sees nothing else or nothing lower than his dream and he never gives up on it.

Here’s the video of Abish Mathew who will inspire you the most today and will force you to think that “what is the aim of my life?”


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Originally published at storygag.com on July 30, 2015.